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Mazama Country Inn  swimming pool Mazama Country Inn Play tennis at the Mazama Country inn Cross Country ski right from the inn. Dine at the Mazama Country Inn Enjoy the hot tub at the Mazama Country inn.
          Washingtons Methow Valley Activity list

SPRING: (Four seasons activity in one) Hiking, Flower walks, Birding, Fishing, Mountain Biking, Horseback Riding, Rock Climbing and Mountaineering, River floats.
SUMMER: Hiking, Flower walks, Birding, Fishing, Mountain Biking, Horseback Riding, Rock Climbing and Mountaineering, River floats, Whitewater Rafting, Kayaking, Ballooning.
FALL: Hiking, Birding, Fishing, Mountain Biking, Horseback riding, Rock climbing and Mountaineering, Whitewater rafting, Kayaking, Fishing, Retreats.
WINTER: Cross country skiing, Snow shoeing, Ice skating and Sleigh rides. (sleigh rides available through Early Winers Outfitters)
DRIVE THE SCENIC NORTH CASCADES HIGHWAY: (Late April - Early Dec.) The Highway is closed in the winter but is usually opened by late April/early May.
HIKING: (April - November) You have the Paysaten Wilderness, North Cascades National Park, Okanogan National Forest and the Sawtooth Wilderness to explore. Many trails are minutes drive from the Inn. The Pacific Crest Trail is only a 20 mile drive away. A must do is Hart's Pass, the highest road in Washington, where the trails start at 6.000' ft elevation. Towards the end of March the lower elevations start opening up and the spring flowers start blooming. By April the flowers are in full bloom. In the Fall the lowland leaves have turned into a panoply of colors. Up high the Tamaracks dash the mountainsides with yellows and oranges.
FLOWER WALKS: (Late March - July) Spring beauties, avalanche lilies and arrow leaf balsamroots start blooming like crazy by April. Lupine, paintbrush, and columbines follow in the Summer. (There are too many to list individually.) Ask about our flower walk packages with a botanist guide.
BIRDING: (Mid-March-Oct) Migrating birds are best seen Spring and Fall. Neo-tropicals in the spring and hawks in the fall. Organized walks and classes available.
FISHING: (April-November) Lake fishing in the Spring and stream fishing in the Summer and Fall. Guided fishing trips available.
MOUNTAIN BIKING: (Late March- November) Early spring requires an adventurous spirit and tenacity. The trails start opening up in late March but snow is an obstacle in spots. Later in the Spring (May and June) most trails are ready for riding. The fall is a great time to ride. The days are cooler and the trails aren't so crowded. You can ride into November provided we don't get an early snow. We have mountain bikes to rent.
HORSEBACK RIDING: (April-November) Usually beginning April guided trail rides are available. There are many options available: from one hour trail rides to multi-day camping trips and everything in between. Early Winters Outfitters is the closest horse riding facility. They can be reached at 509-996-2659
ROCK CLIMBING AND MOUNTAINEERING: (Mid-March-Nov.) Fun Rock, 1 1/2 miles away, is a local rock-jock playground. A 20 mile drive to Washington Pass accesses Early Winter Spires and Liberty Bell for summer climbs. For mountaineers there are glacier hung peaks far from the beaten paths. Permits are required in the National Park. Information and instruction are available. North Cascade Mountain Guides are available at 509-996-3194
RIVER FLOATS: (Mid-March-June) Guided river floats begin as early as March and go through May. This is a leisurely scenic raft trip down the Methow River. These begin at Mazama and go down near Winthrop. In March and early April there is a good chance of seeing Bald and Golden Eagles.
WHITEWATER RAFTING: (April-August) For the more adventurous. Guided whitewater trips begin in April and go through August. Fight the swirling Methow or Skagit during the day and then fight the swirling jets of our hot tub that evening.
KAYAKING: (July-August) Kayak the Methow river by day and relax in our hot tub at night.
RETREATS: (Mid march- May and Nov-1 - Mid Dec) Whether you take over the Inn as a group or come by yourself of with that special person this is a perfect place to get away from it all. We're small (18 rooms), secluded and surrounded by natural beauty and quiet. Of course any time is a good time to come to the Inn but in the Spring and Fall the crowds are gone and we offer off-season rates.
CROSS-COUNTRY SKIING: (Nov - May) Over 120 miles of trails are groomed for both classic and skate skiing. There are also many miles of non-groomed trails available. Although the groomed season is officially from Dec 15 - March 15 there is usually enough snow to ski on from Nov - May. (They will start grooming earlier and continue later depending on snow conditions) . Even when the grooming stops there is plenty of skiing available nearby. There is a ski shop a short walk away where you can rent equipment, get a lesson, directions and advice.
BACKCOUNTRY SKIING: (Nov - July) Whether you are interested in some high country touring or looking for some awesome telemarking we have it practically right out the door. You can usually find early tours beginning in November but spring is probably the best backcountry skiing . The days are longer and sunny and many trips that were difficult to access earlier in the year are now open. There are great tours through July.
SNOW SHOEING: (Nov - June) There are plenty of non-groomed trails to explore. Specially recommended is the Cedar Creek trail. Its only 5 miles from the Inn and a three mile walk brings you to a beautiful waterfall right by the trail. You can continue on to Abernathy pass (9 miles one way).
ICE RINK: (Jan-Feb.) A community ice skating rink is in Winthrop. Open for skating, hockey and broom ball. Rentals available. A schedule for times can be found on the MVSTA web site.
SLEIGH RIDES: (Jan-Feb) Available through Early Winters Outfitters. They can be reached at 509-996-2659