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Welcome to the MAC!

MAC Conference Center Conference/Meeting Facility

The workout room doubles as a meeting area, which is available for use by the Inn's customers and anyone else looking for meeting space. The room is wired with the latest in hi-fi equipment, and we can set you up for video presentations, slide shows and overhead projections. The MAC also has kitchen facilities so we can cater your meeting, conference or event. It's a great place for a wedding reception!

Conference/Recreation Facility Rates

Rules and Policies

Exclusive use of the Inn and its facilities requires all rooms to be booked by the group
(even if not all rooms are occupied).

  1. Disclaimer and Release of Liability: Excellent Adventure LLC, the Mazama Country Inn ("Inn"), the Mazama Athletic Club & Conference Center (cumulatively the "MAC") recommends that all users have an examination by, or the permission of, their physician or other primary health care professional before using the MAC facilities or equipment, and the MAC assumes no liability for any injury or other health problem(s) resulting from such use. The use of any MAC equipment or facilities shall be at the user's sole risk, and each user bears the responsibility to be educated in the proper use of any equipment or facilities. The parent(s) or other sponsor of any minor user is (are) required to educate such minor user in the proper use of any equipment and facilities. Each user (and parent/sponsor on behalf of a minor user) of the MAC facilities or equipment releases and discharges the MAC, its owners and employees from any liability for injury or damages that results from use of the MAC equipment or facilities, or from participation in any activities on the MAC premises.

  2. Release form: All users must sign a release form.  Minors must have parents sign for them.
  1. Priority of uses (in order, from highest to lowest): Group reservations and other reserved activities (e.g. group squash reservations, aerobics or yoga classes, or conferences); advance squash court/tennis court reservations by Members; Inn guests; cabin guests; all other uses. In its reasonable discretion, the MAC may also institute "blackout" periods for other purposes, such as maintenance or repair.
  1. No MAC Towels: Bring your own towels.  Towels and other unmarked items left behind shall become property of the MAC. 
  1. Showers: Showers shall be limited to 5 minutes per person. Users shall use reasonable efforts save energy by minimizing their use of hot water.
  1. Age Limitations: Children under 16 must be accompanied by a parent or authorized adult and supervised at all times. Even with adult supervision, however, children under 16 are not permitted to use the free weights or treadmill except by express permission of the MAC. Children under 13 may accompany their parents at the MAC but are prohibited from using any of the MAC exercise equipment.
  1. Sign In; MAC Hours: All persons (including Members) must sign in at the Mazama Country Inn front office prior to each use of the MAC facilities. Unless other arrangements are made, the MAC facilities and equipment may be used only when the Inn office is open.
  1. Members; Advance Court Reservations: Quarterly or annual prepaid members ("Members" - see Fee Schedule) may make reservations for the squash or tennis court up to 7 days in advance. The MAC may restrict or impose a reasonable limit on the number of reservations a Member may make during busy periods.
  1. Kitchen and Washer/Dryer: The kitchen and washing facilities are for use by Inn staff and Inn guests only, unless otherwise agreed.
  1. Right to Refuse Use: The MAC reserves the right to refuse the use of the facilities or equipment to anyone, or to revoke such right, for any legal reason, including (without limitation) damage to the facilities or behavior which is dangerous, disruptive, or otherwise inappropriate.
  1. Users Must Obey All Rules: Users of the MAC facilities and/or equipment shall obey these Rules & Policies and all other posted rules and regulations regarding the use of the facilities and/or equipment, including (without limitation) all rules regarding footwear, eyewear, clothing, and age restrictions.
  1. Users Financially Responsible for Damage: Users are financially responsible for all damage they may cause to the facilities and/or equipment, except reasonable and normal wear and tear. Members shall be financially responsible for all damage caused by their guests, and parents or other sponsors of minor users shall be financially responsible for damage caused by such minor users.
  1. Valuables: The MAC provides no secure lockers or other facilities for the safekeeping of valuables, and users are encouraged to leave valuables elsewhere in a secure location. The MAC assumes no liability whatsoever for any lost, stolen or damaged items.
  1. No Outside Food or Beverages (except water): Unless otherwise permitted by the MAC, users shall not bring any outside food or beverages (except water) into the MAC facilities. The kitchen facilities shall not be used without the express permission of the MAC.
  1. No Pets: No pets shall be allowed in the MAC facilities.
  1. Termination of Membership: The MAC reserves the right to terminate a Member's right to use the MAC facilities and equipment for any lawful reason, and such Member's recourse in such case shall be limited to a refund of a pro rata portion of his/her membership fee.
  1. Right to Amend/Supplement Rules: The MAC reserves the unilateral right to amend or add to these Rules & Policies. In the event an amendment or addition has a material impact on a Member's ability to use the MAC facilities or equipment, such Member may terminate his/her membership and shall be entitled to a pro rata refund of his/her membership fee.